How we stated this business

Alliance Feather Products Ltd., manufacturer of 'LONG SING' Brand Down and Feather Products, is a foreign joint venture industry established in the year 1981 to carry on the feather processing and manufacturing of feather products such as Down Duvet,Feather Quilt, Feather Pillow, Down Jacket, Sleeping bag, Feather Bed, Mattress pad, etc.

The company occupies an area of 30,000 sft for processing feather. The company has two set of advanced lines of pre-sorting, de-dusting, washing, dying, cooling, sterilizing and sorting machine. The company has a well equipped laboratory with certified persons working with.

Company's motto is "Quality and reputation first". The company have two certified persons who have trained in China and USA in the field of "Down and Feather Testing".

We truned Beggars to Traders

We advised the village beggars who used to beg from door to door in the villages to ask the people not to throw away the duck feathers, instead to sell the feathers to them. The strategy worked well, we have established a collection chain, and now there are more than 7,000 people directly and indirectly involved in duck feather collection.

The collection chain

Collection through local hawkers/wholesalers/agents are sent to our factory for processing then make into different types of products.

The processing chain.

We have two automatic processing and washing lines. Feathers are put into the pre-sorting machine to short out the un-useable feathers. After pre-sortingthe feathers are put into the de-dusting machine to remove the dust.

After de-dusting the feathers are put into the washing, machine which 1S a continuing automatic process as washing-de-watering by hydro-drying-sterilizing-cooling. Then the feathers are put into the sortm machine to soil out down and feather as per requirements to make various products for export.

We have a well equipped lab with trained personnel for inspection of feathers and products.

We Are evniromental friendly

The company uses environment friendly washing detergent. we are zero wastage manufacturer with no chemical drainage to the environments.


We run a technical institute (Milarchar Alliance Technical Institute - MATI) in the village of Milarchar, Up Zela-Matlab of Chandpur District at our own cost.